Resolving Poverty

Sources 40-59:

The end of extreme poverty | Alex Thier | TEDxFoggyBottom (May 2015)

Scarcity is created, Poverty is created. Earth is abundant with resources yet we fight over control over them without even using them.

The bridge between suicide and life | Kevin Briggs (May 2014)

This presentation touches upon the effects of mental health. Many of these suicide people just NEED somebody to LISTEN to them without judgment and without too much commenting or advice given. they just want an empathetic and sympathetic ear to relate with.
Ending poverty - what engineers can do: James Trevelyan at TEDxPerth (January 2013)

To solve poverty we have to change the conversation about poverty.

Changing the face of poverty | Ronald Hill | TEDxVillanovaU (November 2015)

Suspend judgment. It's so much easier to judge people in tougher situations than us ourselves would be able to deal with.

FACT: The poor in the poorest nations save more than the poor in the wealthiest nations (b/c shanty towns are at risk of being taken over by the gov't thus people prepare themselves for the worst in those 3rd world poor nations).

Look in the face of somebody who is impoverished, and what you will find is humanity in them and humanity in yourself.

We can't do anything unless we get politically active.
1. we're living in fear. The politics of fear dominate everything
2. we hoard things thinking that that will make us more secure. We live in scarcity, not abundance. We spend so much time ... worried and fearful of what we don't understand.
My path out of poverty| Lashon Amado | TEDxPennsylvaniaAvenue (July 2015)

Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime. -Aristotle
Ending homelessness block by block | Rex Hohlbein & Jenn LaFreniere | TEDxSeattle (March 2018)

Ending homelessness in Seattle by putting resource-efficient small homes on each block in the city.

HOPE is Homeless | Andrew Funk | TEDxGracia (November 2017)

This guy was once homeless. An entrepreneur too. He speaks on what it means to be a homeless entrepreneur. He speaks about the importance of HOPE for the homeless.

HopeMakers: Helping Homeless Youth Embrace Life | Kevin Ryan | TEDxNavesink (May 2016)

An amazing presentation here...... Kevin teaches how to uplift the person in life...... the kids especially............ very powerful.

Facing homelessness | Rex Hohlbein | TEDxRainier (December 2014)

The negative stereotype against the homeless is crazy!....... 
No one chooses to be homeless. The abuse they experience is horrible and sad. If we're going to end suffering, we're all going to have to slow down and get involved in some way......
Kindness for kindness' sake. Beautiful stuff....... 
When we walk past someone without acknowledging them we create our own glass wall between them.... 
Moments of acknowledgement means everything to the homeless folks........
We each have this ability to make a profound difference in the lives of the homeless and it will in turn make a profound difference in your own life.
Ending Homelessness: Why Aren't We There Yet? | Don Burnes | TEDxRiNo (December 2016)

Our society is collapsing. 
Our government (federal and local) don't care about the homeless problem really. If they did it would be solved. 
Homelessness is a giant business for a lot of charitable organizations
But where does all donation money really go? 
I've seen the same homeless people for many years. I am homeless as well.

We need lots of legislation to improve (9 MIN - end of video).
Housing first: a house number for everyone | Peter Broekmans | TEDxVenlo (November 2018)

Approximately 100 million people are homeless worldwide. 
1.6 billion lack adequate housing and another seven million people are forcibly displaced due to a conflict. 

The idea worth spreading of Peter, is to develop tiny houses from logistics containers that can be developed everywhere, by everyone and to every place via container ships. This helps homeless people and refugees to build their own houses, it develops local employment and it improves the worldwide problem of empty shipping containers. 
Due to the lack of good housing for homeless people and refugees, Peter started a special program to develop tiny houses together with them and professional staff. 

Peter is a creative and socially active entrepreneur that wants to take on the housing problem. As an out of the box thinker he thinks and proves that this is the perfect opportunity to work on this unique project and to help society as a whole.  

We don't need money -- we just need to shipping containers --- empty shifting containers --- 30 million containers -- 12 million of them are empty -- so we use them for tiny houses. #interesting
Solving homelessness in your community: Kristin Nelson at TEDxLamorinda (May 2014)

The housing first approach is much cheaper for us and our communities!

Community Saves Lives; Justice for Homeless and Hungry Students | Elizabeth Waite | TEDxCSULB (January 2019)

She was homeless, got accepted into school eventually and made some unique changes therein.

How can I bring dignity to the homeless? | Joel Hunt | TEDxSaltLakeCity (October 2014)

Wow, crazy story. A homeless woman was hustling, and she got beaten and raped one night. That is where she found her worth - while she was being raped and assaulted. Previously when she had gotten raped she hadn't felt such before. Enough was enough. Then she was able to get the help that she needed. She ended up realizing her value and worth, finding her place in this world and finding her voice. Dignity can be restored through hope. 

Breaking the "toxic-stress" homelessness cycle starts at birth | Craig Welch | TEDxPortsmouth (September 2018)

Generational poverty and homelessness can be prevented when caring adults protect kids from toxic stress. Portsmouth Housing Authority Director Craig Welch asks us to rethink how our communities care for our very youngest children.

Craig Welch is the Executive Director for the Portsmouth (NH) Housing Authority, Craig oversees a $83 million housing portfolio with eleven properties and 600 affordable housing units in the City of Portsmouth, well as a Resident Services Coordination Program and a Housing Choice Voucher program that serves more than 750 seniors and families in the region. 

Another thing we can do is invest. Love all of these kids like you do all of your kids. 
A simple way to support the homeless: Backpacks! (December 2016)

What would you pack in a backpack if you were homeless tomorrow? 
Water, books, clothes, a sleeping bag, a tooth brush, a knife (the knife is the best thing in the world for you), towels, a scarf/hat, shampoo/hygiene products, paper/pencil/notes, toilet paper.

A lot of people rejected our backpacks. I was getting angry because i had printed brochures, etc, and I had just failed at reality. 

A homeless student mentoring program.........
Women in poverty don't need our help: Andrea Stachnik at TEDxMontereyWomen (December 2013)

Andrea describes how a combination of micro-finance, micro-consignment, and online learning is offering young women in Guatemala new pathways for success and financial independence.

We need to stop providing ephemeral supplies and aids to womenand we need to start supplying them with the TOOLS they need to resolve the problems for themselves instead of giving them the solutions ourselves.
The man whom you catch a fish for eats for a day, the man whom you teach to fish eats for a lifetime. She gives details between minute - 4 min - 5:40 min.

Transitioning people out of homelessness one issue at a time | Ranya O'Connor | TEDxOU (March 2017)

Ranya Forgotson O’Connor hails from Norman, Oklahoma and serves as Director of The Curbside Chronicle at the Homeless Alliance. The Curbside Chronicle is a magazine that employs homeless and at-risk individuals in Oklahoma City, helping them earn a dignified income and transition into housing and on to further employment opportunities. In addition to covering the local OKC scene, The Curbside Chronicle also includes articles written by those experiencing homelessness and about issues of poverty in our local community. 

Fighting homelessness, my way: Jamal Mechbal at TEDxDelft (November 2013)

A lot of people don't dress as if they're homeless.
A lot of people can become homeless. 
How do you become homeless? 
Things happen to you. One thing triggers another thing and before you know it you're homeless. Many went to school, had work, had businesses, had good lives. 

Let people do what they can.
Focus people toward what they CAN DO rather than what they cannot.
Give people the chance to help themselves.
Homeless vs. Person Experiencing Homelessness: The Power of Labels | Hannah Hornsey | TEDxYouth@WSHS (August 2018)

HANNAH HORNSEY is the Co-Executive Director of The Bridge Street Newspaper, a monthly publication that works to ameliorate the lives of those suffering from homelessness in Memphis. 
The Bridge has allowed vendors to afford groceries, rent, and even buy cars; it has also shaped Hannah's own experience at Rhodes by providing her with valuable time management, organization, and leadership skills. She hopes to continue to help the organization expand and gain more of a positive presence in the Memphis community. 
With the ability to rise up in the world today, comes the responsibility to do so. To pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get yourself out of whatever situation you find yourself in. But the reality is that's not always possible or realistic. Mental health problems and other circumstances can create very tough situations.
"When you're giving money to someone who's begging for it, you're enabling their self-destructive behavior." <--- this sort of thinking is creating more barriers for very vulnerable people. They're perpetuating the stereotype. 
Albeit not all people are truthful or angels or sober - but that doesn't mean we shouldn't seek to make any lighter what they're currently experiencing.

Each time we fear to make eye-contact with a homeless person we pass, we carry on this stigmatization and we are perpetuating that stripping away of that person's humanity. 
Us labeling them as not wanting to get a job contributes to their mental health problems.

When numerous people begin to label you into something, you yourself begin to believe it (Labeling Theory) [if somebody labels you as deviant, you will commit deviant behavior].
So when applied to homelessness, if somebody is constantly telling you that you are lazy, that you can't get a job, these people are in a place of lacking  self-confidence (and it's impossible to achieve without some type of outside help, nevertheless the detriment of others' words and perspectives upon you). Formulating relationships with people is greatly helpful.