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THE GOAL OF RESOLVING POVERTY is to create a for-profit business that houses those living in poverty without relying on donations or government grants, and serves as a means to educate the public through the vehicle of fashion activism.

‘One for One’ business model
Resolving Poverty's business model is one-for-one. It means that for each apparel piece sold, we give one piece back to those in need with additional proceeds generated toward Housing First programs.

Resolving Poverty: Compassion for others translating into change.

The apparel below serve as a wonderful example of how a product can be purposeful and cause-driven, all while being beautifully crafted.
-- committed to environmentally and socially responsible goals.
-- belief in supporting fair trade standards, local sourcing, organic cotton production, and possess an overall desire to see a large-scale change towards more ethical and sustainable practices in fashion and beyond.
-- hand-crafted with non-GMO cotton, without harmful pesticides, and is a Fair Trade Certified brand.

For each piece sold, another will be donated to The Haven, a non-profit organization that provides respite and services to those experiencing homelessness and in need.

For every 20 shirts we sell, we give away 20 shirts - 10 go to our local homeless population and 10 are donated to charity to sell at full price as a means of fundraising. Learn more.